240sx / Silvia Clutches / Drive shafts / Short shifters

ARP SR20 Flywheel Bolts
ARP's SR20 Flywheel Bolts
The quality that ARP is known for and at a JGY price. Replace your old and rounded head factory bolts with these. Fit ALL SR motors, DE, VE and DET (except gti-r)
Ships with ARP Ultra-Torque lube: $44.79 for the set

Spec '89-'03 SR20DET-S13/S14 Stage 2+ Clutch Kit: $352
Features segmented or full faced pure Kevlar disc with steel backing. This lining features excellent drivability like the stage 1, but offers slightly longer life and higher torque capacity. The hub is double sprung with spring cover relieves for flexibility and heat treated components for strength and durability. Holds 415torque

Competition Clutch Stage 4 unsprung SR20DET clutch; less forgiving, but great for drift and firm, solid engagement: Just $323

Metal triple clutch kit
ATS's answer to high horsepower SR motors
Holds at least 1100 HP/TQ, includes flywheel as well, fits all SR motors, even GTi-R motors: $1669

Agency Power Clutch Line
Auto to manual conversion, goes from master cylinder to slave cylinder: $39

Carbonetic Blade Clutch
Fits all S13/S14 motors; holds 395HP; full carbon/carbon; excellent pedal feel; handles extreme heat; great for Drift/Drag/Rally/Street
List is $680 - JGY price: $359

Competition Clutch twin plate Competition 22lb Flywheel and Clutch. Will hold up to 600 ft lbs: $999

Carbonetic Single disc clutch kits for the SR20DET
Single disc MSRP is $1199, JGY's price: $989.90
Twin disc MSRP is $2299, JGY's price: $1896.70
Tripple Disc MSRP is 2699, JGY's price: $2226.70
All clutches available are street and regular versions and come with a lightweight flywheel.

Stainless Braided clutch line for S13, S14, S15 with KA, RB, or SR: $35

Competition Clutch's 6puck sprung clutch.
We really like this clutch. It holds 450ft/lbs of torque and has a nice pedal feel: $309

Competition Clutch 4puck sprung clutch for the 240sx SR. Holds 590 ft/lbs: $339

Spec Stage 1 for S13/SR20: $349
Spec Stage 2 395 lbs/ft: $414
Spec Stage 5 599 lbs/ft: $380

Spec Stage 3+ Clutch/Flywheel package S13/S14, holds 610 ft/lbs torque (Flywheel weight 16lb, complete weight 35.5lb): $780

CA18DET Stage 1: $230
CA18DET Stage 2: $289
CA18DET Stage 3: $330
CA18DET stage IV, six puck sprung, cheaper and better than stage 3: $310

RB 6puck sprung clutch holds 600hp: $305
RB20/25 4 puck clutch holds 650ft-lbs: $375

RB20/25 kevlar Holds 390 ft-lbs ($350): $281
RB20/25 clutch (standard) holds 320 ft-lbs: $249

Xcessive Manufacturing's VG to SR kit: $978
All the stuff you need to put a VG30DE tranny on your SR motor

This kit requires NO machining of the bell housing, which means no disassembly of the transmission. You bought the transmission in working condition, don't take it apart now!

Includes: all the hardware, the tranny bracket, the driveshaft, and a new starter. This is the best kit on the market. You don't machine the motor or the tranny at all.

Fits ALL S13's and S14's - just specify what car and what diff you have when you order.

Xcessive Manufacturing's VG shifter bracket: $147.50
VG to SR shortened shifter bracket, all but shifter

The VG shifter bracket is designed for swaps where the shifter needs to be as far forward as possible. The shifter is moved forward 2-3/8" (60mm), which means if your putting a VG (Z32) trans in your 240SX or Z31 300Z, this bracket and shifter connecting rod allows you to use the stock center console and shift boot and requires no cutting of the transmission shifter tunnel. You can use a stock VG shifter with minor mods or any performance shifter, although we recommend aftermarket shifters with integral pivot ball with mount base. Basically, you only need this if you are buying the stuff above and want to add it.

JGY RB25/26 Aluminum Driveshaft - 10.5lb, all new Spicer Yokes and CVs: $463

JGY RB25/26 Steel Driveshaft - 17.5lb, all new Spicer Yokes and CVs: $331

JGY-driveshaft. Steel: $331, Aluminum: $463. We use only Spicer yokes and CV's. We offer them for S13's with SR's and KA's. We also offer them for S14's with SR's, and KA's. Also! We offer them in Carbon Fiber. Substantial weight savings! Call for price

JGY short shifter
JGY short shifter for SR / KA / RB: $75

B&M short shifter for KA/ SR/ RB: $193

Motul GEAR 300 75W90, 1 liter, great for all Nissan transmission and rear ends, EXCEPT if using a clutch-type LSD Unshearable oil film in extreme conditions. Stays in 90 grade after KRL 20 hours shear test Very high lubricating power which decreases friction and wear. 90 grade at hot temperature to provide outstanding oil film resistance at hot temperature and/or to reduce transmission noise. Fluid at low temperature to allow easier gear shifting when the gearbox is cold. Less effort required on the gear lever to shift the gears: $14.75 per

JGY Flywheel for the S13 and S14 SR motors. 10.4 pounds, balanced, and ready to go for $239. And, it's resurfaceable!

The JGY RB steel flywheel: $239

KA24DE flywheel 240sx-Altima: $239

NEW KA24DE-(T) 14lb steel flywheel: $235
12lb steel flywheel: $239

Grex Sequential Transmission Upgrade: $call$

Nismo slave cylinder for 240sx: $106

Nismo Ball Stud: $44