240sx / Silvia Exhaust Manifold & Turbine Outlets

Tomei Expreme jpipe
installed jpipe
Tomei Expreme SR Turbine Outlet (Jpipe)
This one replaces the previous model of Tomei that we used to sell. 87% greater flow over stock, single piece construction, no welds, The kit includes everything you need for installation including bolts, nuts and gaskets. Bolt Smooth Paste is also included to help prevent the bolts from becoming seized under heat. Retail is $290; JGY price: $259

SR turbo outlet pipe
SR turbo outlet pipe with separator and gaskets: $99

Cometic metal exhaust gasket
Cometic metal 5 bolt exhaust gasket: $11.99

Sikky LSX swap headers
Sikky LSX Swap Headers
A perfect fit for any LSX swap into an S13 or S14 with stock T56 transmission and most aftermarket Transmissions.
1 3/4 mild steel primaries: $625
1 3/4 coated primaries: $940
1 7/8 mild steel primaries: $625
1 7/8 coated primaries: $940

Tomei Expreme Manifold
Tomei Expreme Manifold
Faster turbo response and delivers all around performance in both torque and power increase in areas like in the higher RPM range in which you were not able to utillize before. List price is $627, call for special price ($529)

T Outlet pipe
Extreme T Outlet Pipe: $228.00. Call for special price.

exhaust manifold to head gasket
SR DE and DET exhaust manifold to head gasket: $15

top mount manifold
For all you BIG BALLERS stainless top mount T3/T4 manifold, includes flange for Tial wastegate - $205

outlet pipe
Greddy S14 Outlet Pipe - This can be used on the S13 as long as you use a larger o2 sensor or adaptor. The adaptor is included with the unit. This means that you CAN use the smaller style O2 sensor with this unit!!! Notice the wastegate diverter! List Price - $240, Our Price - $193

Tomei outlet pipe
Tomei outlet pipe for SR20 RWD engines, redesigned in 2014 for better flow, fits S13, S14, and S15 SR20DETs, also fits KA-T cars. This is an excellent purchase as it not only includes the great flowing outlet pipe, but also includes gaskets, studs, nuts, bolts, anti-seize paste, bungs for both size O2 sensors, and an EGR delete for the rare SR's that have it: $189

Cometic turbo gasket
Cometic T3 4-bolt discharge turbo gasket: $4.99

Cometic exhaust gasket
Cometic metal T2 4 bolt exhaust gasket: $9.99

Cometic exhaust manifold gasket
Cometic metal Sr exhaust manifold gasket: $29.00

exhaust manifold studs
APR exhaust manifold studs
JGY by ARP exhaust manifold studs: Features more thread to go into the block and a thinner washer to allow a more low profile design
$13.13 each

short header
ICHIBA shortie header for RWD SRs. Only $299

exhaust manifold
exhaust manifold
Stock Placement, Stainless Runner-Style Exhaust Manifold - Has T2 flange. No pipe welds to help resist cracking.
Our Price - $159

Topspeed JPipe -
Much less restrictive than the stock unit...
Our Price - $165