Turbo Kits and Turbo Accessories

JGY DET linekit
For all those SR20DET owners needing new replacement turbo lines, JGY-DET-linekit for $109, steel braided AN lines for water and oil, includes all needed crush washers

prosport manual boost controller
Prosport manual boost controller. Easy to adjust with markings to make it easy to remember settings. - $42

HKS actuator upgrade
HKS actuator upgrade for T25 Bluebird and Avenier. This actuator is set to around 12-14 psi and is adjustable for a little more. - $139

AEM water injection kit
AEM Water Injection Kit is used to reduce air inlet temperatures and exhaust gas temperatures. Water is injected into the intake by a 150psi pump with jet spray nozzle. This allows the increase in boost pressure without having to run higher-octane fuel. Set the activation boost and your max boost settings. The system will progressively increase the injection percentage until the max boost has been reached. - $392

steel braided oil line kit
NEW & in stock JGY Steel Braided Oil line kit, totally does away with the factory SR turbo metal line & banjo bolt fittings. This kit will work with bottom & top mount turbo applications - $69

stage 2 turbo kit
Pictured above: Stage 2 Turbo Kit
for SR20 with optional manifold and outlet pipe

Stage 1 Turbo kit for SR20 - $1,399
Can support 320whp
GT28RS disco potato
4 50lb injectors
injector connectors
JGY fuel rail

Stage 2 Turbo kit for SR20 - $1,525
Can support 400whp
GT2871 turbo (formerly known as the JGYBB37)
4 72lb injectors
injector connectors
4 inline injector resistors
JGY fuel rail

Stage 3 turbo kit for SR20 - $1,725
Can support 500whp
GT3076R turbo (formerly known as the JGYBB37R)
4 72# injectors
injector connectors
4 inline injector resistors
JGY Fuel rail

For ALL Kits:
All kits are available with equal manifold and large turbo discharge pipe. JGY suggests metering the additional air required for the added power via a 300zx MAF or a Ford Cobra MAF (both available from JGY for around $200). JGY endorses ECU re-tuning by JWT or ECU post management via the GReddy E-manage (both available from JGY for about $500).

hotpipe kit
Aluminum hotpipe kit
This pipe is not included with any of the intercooler kits and must be used to connect turbo to intercooler kit. Comes with coupler and clamps - $49

precision 39mm wastegate kit
Precision 39mm wastegate kit. Includes all flanges and an assortment of springs to change PSI. - $215

precision 46mm wastegate kit
Precision 46mm wastegate kit. Everything that you need to get the job done. Includes flanges and different springs so that you can change PSI. - Only $318

tial 38mm wastegate
Tial 38mm wastegate 1 bar spring, includes gaskets for inlet and outlet - $245

Tial 38mm wastegate
Tial 38mm wastegate .6 bar spring - $249

adjustable 90degree coupler
Adjustable 90 degree coupler, ideal for RWD SR20DET GT28RS, GT2871R turbos & up, this unit connects the turbo to the hot pipe - $42

jgy oil line
JGY oil line for turbo'd SR's that want an upgrade and the look. This uses -AN swivel fittings, takes the oil from the factory location on the block and goes to the turbo. An in-line restrictor is included in the kit. This is an awesome buy at $69

greddy turbo kit
turbo kit
240SX 1996-98 KA24DE Greddy Turbo Kit - $3514.95
Cast-iron manifold, e-manage, fuel-rail, 370cc injectors, Airinx filter, & necessary piping hardware.