350Z/G35 Engine Bolt-ons and Under Hood Parts

Greddy Universal Oil Filter Relocation Kit
Tired of trying to get your hands on your filter? Put it where you can get to it. Also has multiple fittings for turbo lines, oil coolers, oil gauges, etc.
We stock 2 different versions to fit most and all Nissans and Toyotas: $213

Mishimoto Oil Catch Can, great for boosted and N/A applications, universal fitment: $99

BLOX Racing intake manifold spacer for Z33 350z and G35: Measures 5/8" thick. Designed to help increase the manifold’s capacity and lower the intake air temperature. As a result of the improved efficiency, power and throttle response is also increased. The manifold spacer is made out of thermal polymer, which provides dramatic heat insulating properties, and easily installs between the factory’s intake manifold.

350Z, G35, M35, VQ35 -- Not compatible with RevUp or HR engines or some strut bars

JGY price is $99

ATI Super Damper is designed exclusively for high RPM high performance engines. The ATI Damper will eliminate the harmful crankshaft vibrations which could lead to oil pump failure, timing belt failure, and bearing failure, thus prolonging the engine life. ATI Dampers are actually two dampers in one. There is an inner and outer damper bolted to a replaceable crank hub. Less vibration equals more power and torque at high rpm. - VQ35DE - $459

Stillen Thermalstatic Oil Cooler for Sentra B-series Nissan and Infiniti 3.5 and 3.7 liter engines, all for just $359

Agency Power CNC machined 6061 aluminum pulleys are designed to reduce rotating mass giving you quicker throttle response and increase horsepower. The pulley kit includes the crank pulley with correct timing marks, alternator pulley, and idler pulley. Each pulley is engineered to the finest degree for a perfect fit and guaranteed performance. The 3 piece pulley kit is bead blasted for a smooth satin finish then clear anodized for a long lasting shine. Pulley kits include new belts for a proper fit. Retail is $325, your price is $279

Sikky LSx swap headers for G35 or 350z. Perfect fitment with Sikky LSx mount kit and T56 or most aftermarket transmissions.
1 3/4 mild steel primaries $625.00
1 3/4 coated primaries $905.00
1 7/8 mild steel primaries $665.00
1 7/8 coated primaries $950.00

Sikky clutch master cylinder kit. A must when doing an LSx install into your G35 or 350z. - $278

Momentum Performance Solid motor and transmission mount set - $259

Fueled Racing 350Z LSX Basic Installation Kit
Want to install any version of an General Motors LS into your 350z? This is the kit.

Includes: Engine mounts, transmission mount, driveshaft, Moroso oil pan, oil pickup tube, oil pan gasket, oil pan stud kit, billet dip stick, oil filter relocation kit with all lines and fittings for power steering lines, too!: $2350

front motor mounts
Front motor mounts with brackets
and inserts

transmission mount
Transmission mount
and transmission plate

oil pan
Moroso oil pan and billet dip stick

oil pickup tube and gasket
Oil pickup tube and gasket

baffle doored oil pan
Baffle doored oil pan for high G's to prevent oil starvation

Greddy 350z Z33 Air Diversion Plate, carbon fiber yellow tint, pushes as much air as possible through the radiator and/or intercooler, retail is $225, our price is $99, get them while you can

5/16" Basic Plenum Spacer 350Z $169

MREV2 Manifold TM $455

Sikky LSx Mount and install kit. Includes 8qt oil pan, CNC machined mounts, a remote mount filter kit, Billet short shifter, and a one piece aluminum driveshaft. If your looking for V8 performance in your 350z or G35 than there is no better choice than Sikky. - $2145

Sikky power steering line kit. Makes adapting power steering into you 350z or G35 a breeze - $138

Momentum Performance Cold air intake - $325