350Z/G35 Head & Valvetrain

Need a custom sized head gasket for your car/motor? We can get any size with any thickness for you from Cometic. 88mm bore and 1.5mm thick? No problem. 92mm bore and .9mm thick? Yes, so please call to order

VQ35 valve guides, exhaust guides pictured $3.50 each

Brian Crower Stage 3 cams for VQ35DE, 272 duration, 11.68in lift - $1,039, and suggested with BC spring and retainer kit

Brian Crower VQ35DE Stage 2 cams, 264 duration .426in Lift - $1,038.60

Brian Crower VQ35DE spring and titanium retainer kit - $332.00

ARP mainstuds for the VQ35 $186.36

ARP headstuds for the VQ35 $211.77

Brian Crower Stock size VQ35 intake valve $207.00

Brian Crower Stock size VQ35 exhaust vale $207.00

Brian Crower +1mm oversize VQ35 intake valve $207.00

Brian Crower +1mm oversize VQ35 exhaust valve $207.00