JGYCustoms Project Cars/Current Customer's Cars

Andrew Walters came to us from TN and purchased an RB20 motor. Now he's brought it back to us for a complete motor build. He's going to have the fastest RB20 that has ever come through here!

A set of old RB20 pistons and rods about to be exchanged for CP's and some stronger rods

Don't tell anyone, but that might be a RB26 crankshaft sitting right there

The cabinets are filling up with parts and this has just begun

Just got in the pistons... this build's about to go underway

The block has been bored and honed, and is now ready for cleaning

Another good look

Crank is in and everything is going smoothly

Eagle Rods and CP Pistons

82mm, 9 to 1 compression with custom notched pistons for oil squirters

Two pistons are in, four more to go

Custom 82.5mm headgasket

ARP headstuds and head are now installed

Another view of the headstuds and head installation

New oil pump and water pump

Mishimoto thermostat

Prepping for the oil pan installation with a new Cometic oil galley gasket

New oil pan on

Another view of the oil pan