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This VQ35 started off mild and it is going to end wild with a BC stroker crank and CP pistons totalling the displacement to 4.3 liters!

A good view of the stock cams and head setup.

This stock crank is going to be a thing of the past. Being replaced with a 86.4mm stroke Billet BC crank

These won't do. BC supplied a set of their Pro rods for this build.

bare block

head pieces

block pieces

3 angle valve job and you can see the BC 1mm oversize inatke and exhaust valves well.

Aftermarket springs and retainers were sourced from BC to help the valves shut on time.

Look at the size of those valves

A test fit of the sleeves after boring

A lot of material removed in the process of these sleeves

Who is thinking 103mm pistons.....I know I am and I'm Josh Holman

The beginning of a solid deck VQ

The VQ motor with solid deck sleeves installed awaiting finish bore

Solid deck=more power

Big block VQ sitting on that tile floor

A nice view of the bottom side of the cylinders

modified water hole to allow more flow

Custom rings for a nice big custom set of pistons

Due to the stroke the wrist pin sits higher than the ring land. And these fix that

Custom 103mm CP pistons to make this motor the 4.3L.

103mm 9.2:1 compression

Wonder whats in there?

it's a BC 86.4mm stroker crank to really turn this VQ into a monster.

only at JGY can you get a 4.3L like this

It's blurry but these are BC pro rods with quality ARP fasteners

These rods are sure to hold the power

All of this has been balanced and will run smooth.

The 4.3L is ready for assembly with the sleeves fully installed.

Notice the solid deckness of the sleeves right here...In short there ready for big power

This custom set of solid deck sleeves allows this motor to use an uber custom set of 103mm CP pistons with a 9.2:1 compression ratio

Custom tubular intake manifold to convert this motor for twin throttle bodies

John's light weight pulleys are here!