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Donor RB30 ready for a monster build

That is correct RB30

On the stand getting ready for disassembly

That crank may not be in there for long

RB30 crank shaft out of the motor

RB30 crank girdle maybe waiting to get modified

RB30 factory pistons not going back in this bad boy

R32 RB26 head ready to be built for this RB30 monster

This head is going to be a seeing a whole new valvetrain before this is over with

Jeez look at the size of that compressor wheel

This Precision turbo is capable of 1400HP and we plan on taking advantage of that in the near future

Patrick's big boy valves are here. We are doing Supertech +1mm oversized valves all around

These are RB26 Tomei solid lifters... Power helpers!

Patrick's Tomei cams!

Here it is... The long, anticipated wait is now over. Patrick's RB30 stroker crank and rods are here from Brian Crower!

Machining done and looking like a monster.

Patrick's Supertech valves are in.

Here you can see the Brian Crower items installed.

Brian Crower RB32 stroker crank

Prepped block

Nismo main bearings

ARP main stud kit

Studs installed

The block is ready for the crank

ARP main studs and Nismo bearings installed

BC stroker crank installed

BC rods

BC rod with CP piston

CP stroker pistons

CP pro wrist pins

BC rods and CP pistons ready to go

Rods and pistons going in