JGY Projects Completed

Joel Bergstein
Joel Bergstein
Upgrades by JGY and dyno tuning

Jeremy Murphy
New front end, turbo kit install and other upgrades by JGY

Ira Owens
JGY motor swap from KA to SR20DET; auto to manual conversion; Other goodies installed; JGY dyno tuning - 215HP and 204tq at 7psi

Logan Stack's Evo MR
3 angle valve job

Ryan Sutherland
JGY S13.5 built and tuned - netted 431HP and 380tq at a staggering 11.9psi

Jan Stockton
JGY fixed chain slap, added some goodies, Uprev tuned

Ronnie Collins
JGY T25 turbo kit and all the goodies installed

Manuel Antunes
JGY replaced 5th gear on the tranny

Justin Surratt
After some tuning and correcting, we pulled out an impressive 311HP and about 295tq

The Cream Dream
After dyno tuning and adjustments, Bryan's 240 made 214 HP and 190 ft/lbs. torque

Chris Ecker
JGY motor build

Santino Smith
New motor with 201 HP / 194 Torque @ 8 PSI

Jared Barbour
S13 now running great!

Anthony Busko

Johnny Leigh

Rene Luna

Courtney Street

Richard Flynn

Robbie Shifflett

Tim Bryson

Reggie Musni

Matt Longobardi

Brett Byrd

Carlos Angel

Carl Cuevas

Edward Vanhoy

Bob Hodgin

Tim Bryson

Randy Kesler

Seth McCleland

Corey Short

Devadip Revero

Justin Valenti

Jon Wells

Thomas Fagan

Heather's G20

Aaron Gray

Christopher Francois

Dustin's GTiR

Bennie Young

Adam Butler

Jeff's 98 S14 / S14 SR20DET

Donnie's build up

Courtney Street


Daniel Bailes

David Bennett

Mark Richardson

Greg McCauley

Miguel Paredes Francisco

Euppil Small

Motor swap and other upgrades

Jaime Membreno
Turbo kit install and other goodies

SR20DE install and other goodies

Jordan Davis
JGY built 2.5L motor with lots of goodies

Reggie Hampton
Installed JGY oil line kit and new Cometic turbo gaskets, Godspeed coilovers, Nismo FPR, and Walbro 255 fuel pump

Ron Grimes
JGY tuning and supercharger maintenance left Ron's 370z netting 469HP and 350tq; Agency Power brake lines and new pads were also installed

Thomas Pettersson
JGY VVL head build for installation on a Pro-Am Drift Driver's SR20DET S14 block

Ron Grimes
JGY tuning and maintenance left Ron with better AFR's all around, more fuel economy, and 457 HP and 336 Torque at just 7.1 psi

Angel Rivera
JGY built GTi-R block with JGY sleeves

Chris Swiergiel
JGY replacement motor install
for Chris' '92 Se-R

Chris Singh
JGY motor build

Steven Shawl
VVL motor with 163 HP and 134 Torque, with new exhaust, Momo wheels, Ksports, & other goodies

Marcus Martin
Talon now runs better and has a new boost gauge

Evan Kilmer
330 HP @ 14 PSI with a GT2871R

Brandon Baker
Snow Boost Cooler II installation and Dyno tuning

DJ Wojnar

Ivan Girault

Josh Holman

Justin Surratt

William Howell

Dustin Dockery

Nelson Goncalves

Mike Runyon

Zack Campbell

Mark Turner

Anthony Busko

Richard Sleem

Mickey Kendrick

Jacob Atkins

Michael Parker

DJ Wojnar


Evens Blulet

Mike Nichols

Aisao Seasee

Bart Vollmer

Chris Heekin

Richard Carper

Michael Parker

Robert Barnes

John Evans

Chris Cross S13 SR20det

Jason Stump

JGY RB Powered Mustang


Jim Miller


Mike Bates

John Chambers

Jonathan Piedras