GTi-R Parts





NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
NGK Iridium Spark plugs, cold range "7"
Ideal for those pushing higher horsepower than stock. As you know, Iridiums last longer and provide a more controlled, better spark. Most Nissan motors used "5" range for N/A and "6" range for turbo. Those turboing an N/A, these are ideal for your higher compression ratio with turbo. Those with a factory turbo'd Nissan motor, these are ideal for higher boosted applications - $7.99 each

Supertech GTiR valve spring and retainer
Supertech GTi-R valve spring and retainer combo:

GTiR main and rod bearings
GTi-R main and rod bearings
rods $6.00
mains $8.99

ACL Race main bearings
ACL Race main bearings for OEM GTi-R.

ACL Race rod bearings
ACL Race rod bearings for OEM GTi-R factory rods:

OEM Nissan oil pump
New OEM Nissan Oil Pump and front cover for GTi-R

GTiR shims
GTi-R shims now available and
are available in any size needed:

Brian Crower stage II/III cams
Brian Crower stage II/III Cams for GTi-R
Stage 2: $259
Stage 3: $306

S2 Street/Strip Specification Plug and play application. Short duration for nice street manners, slight lope at idle. Excellent all purpose spec. OEM spring OK. 264 .475"

S3 Race Specification Longer duration profile for added rpm. Intended for fully built engine. rough idle. 272 .494"

JWT S3 cams
JWT S3 Cams for GTi-R:

JGY air filter
JGY air filter, $34 includes aluminum MAF adaptor plate for SR/KA/300zx MAFS

GTiR water pumps
New GTi-R water pumps in stock:

Forge motorsports pulley kit
Forgemotorsports, light weight pulley kit for GTi-R's. Great buy at $359. These are the factory size, just much lighter.







Eagle Specialties SR20DET and SR20DE stroker kit
Eagle Specialties SR20DET and SR20DE stroker kit
Eagle Specialties SR20DET and SR20DE Stroker Kit
91mm stroke, so up from the 86mm factory bore

  • Rod Journal: 1.888
  • Stroke: 3.5830
  • Material: 4340 Billet Steel
Eagle is known for quality parts for the SR20 and this is an awesome crank for the motor. Rated for 900HP.
JGY price is just: $1179

JGY DET linekit
For all those SR20DET owners needing new replacement turbo lines, JGY-DET-line kit for $109, steel braided AN lines for water and oil, includes all needed crush washers

head stud kit
ARP GTi-R head stud Kit - These are designed specifically for the GTi-R SR20DET (bolts are larger on this SR motor), includes 10 studs, 10 washers, and 10 ARP nuts: $149

Mishimoto oil catch can
Mishimoto Oil Catch Can, great for boosted and N/A applications, universal fitment: $99

Tomei cam gear
Tomei SR20 Adjustable Cam Gear for the SR motors
Fits SR20, SR18, SR20DET, SR20VE, SR16VE
Infinite adjustments, allows user to dial in the missing power: $118 each

piston ring set
Piston ring set for all 4 pistons for Gti-R motors. $79 full set

intake valves
OEM Nissan GTi-R intake valves

exhaust valves
OEM Nissan GTi-R exhaust valves
$19.99 each

Supertech valves
Supertech valves for the GTi-R.
Black Nitride and +1mm oversized.
$188.64 a set

Supertech exhaust valves
Supertech exhaust valves for GTi-R. made of Inconel material and +1mm oversized.
$263.52 a set

Nissan gasket kit
OEM Nissan Gti-R gasket kit:

BC double spring
double spring and retainer kit
Double valve spring and titanium retainer kit for Nissan GTi-r and VVL motors, 250lb spring rate, great for both, especially the VVL so that you can rev the motor higher. $354.00