JGY Installs

Edward Vanhoy had us install an lsd tranny, big brake kit, Koyo radiator, JGY clutch and a few other things. You can see some of his progress on our project cars page.

Nelson Goncalves - Elizabeth, NJ, SR20 motor, Haltech, cryo treating and shot peening tranny gears, JGY sleeves, Eagle rods, CP pistons etc etc... To keep up with our progress on Nelsons car you can check it out on our project cars page.

Dustin Sparks - Wytheville, VA, GTiR motor, JGY intercooler kit, JGY fuel upgrade, JGY install of everything, JGY dyno'd at 262HP

Chris Cross - Fayetteville NC, S13 sr20det, JGY-RWD-SR-Rail, Nismo FPR, JGY 240s/Silvia flywheel, 10.4 pounds, JGY- Dry Cell Battery, JGY-SR-RWD underdrive pulley, Greddy oil pan, Greddy Rocker Arm Stoppers, Greddy S13 intake manifold,

J.T. Wallace - Hampton, VA, T25 Turbo Kit with JGY intercooler kit, JGY Se-r clutch kit, JGY Se-r Flywheel, GReddy 52mm Fuel Pressure Gauge Kit, JWT Tuned ECU, Motor, Tranny,JGY Front Mount Motor Mounts, and more

Richard Carper - Roanoke VA, Silvia ecu, Greddy Informeter, & a whole lot of stuff fixed

Fred Betts - VA, B13 SE-R JDM DE motor, Top Speed header, full 2.5' exhaust

Daniel Bailes - Manassas VA, S13 Silvia SE, R32 brake kit, GT2871R, JGY fuel rail, JGY Crank & GReddy pulleys, JGY 10.5lb flywheel & 6 puck clutch, B&M shifter, JDM VLSD, Silvia FEC, Koyo rad, Whiteline sway bars & about anything else you can think of.

Juan Carlos Zaca - Wytheville VA, Built VG30DETT, Twin GT2554R

Erik Phelps - Danville VA, S13 KADE(T)

Donovan Gutshall 1991 RB25 Powered 240sx Drift car. Has the GReddy intake manifold, Q45 T.B., custom 3" down pipe, full exhaust & a 6 puck Competition Clutch.

Eric Seasholtz 1993 240sx has a built SR motor, prototype 6 puck clutch/10.5lb flywheel & the Whiteline F/R sway bars

Andrew S.'s S13 motor was built with CP Pistons, Eagle rods, GT3076, 72lb injectors, JGY flywheel, JGY pulley, Greddy RAS, and is ready for some real power; expect 450 to 500 WHP at 22psi

Michael Washington's B14, we didn't do his install, but helped finish it up, installed gauges, fixed a broken rocker arm, installed Greddy RAS, and vacuum lines. Nice guy, nice car, should be allowed to spend more on his car by his wife, he deserves it

Omar's Hershey Chocolate VVL install, VVL motor, Greddy MSS, Topspeed Header, Koyo Radiator, utilizing factory cruise control and A/C, JGY bored MAF

Carl Davis' 2001 B15 with VVL SR20VE install complete with JGY clutch and Greddy MSS

Can you say "big time project"? 2002 G20, with B14 ECU tuned, B15 harness, GTi-r motor with JGYBB37R and goodies....oh, and the car is shaved of all handles and the gas goes thru the tail light.......true New Jersey balla style

Bryan Pena's parts list was quite extensive... from exhaust to electronics to MAF upgrades....this is one sweet G20T. Funny thing... he had to walk 4 miles on his way to our shop as his car broke down on the way to get the install started. His friend wears Berets like they are in style.

David's built Gtir b14 with JGY bb37. Completely uninstalled, and then reinstalled doing wiring correctly.

Matt's (the liar) 1980 Datsun 210. SR20DET install, custom driveshaft, mounts, fuel cell, exhaust, radiator, intercooler and piping, blitz bov, using all s13 sr20det wiring and ecu.

Scott Rowland’s SR20VE Install with Top Speed Header and ACT Clutch, the car's now wrecked, but he's transplanting the build into another shell

Aiching's DET, JDM DE with JGY Avenier Turbo Setup, Intercooler Kit, JGY Downpipe

Bruce Link's Crunk 200sx, Bluebird Motor, FMAX Setup

Leslie's VVL install, he's Canadian and don't appreciate porkers.

Tyler Elders' Ride, Avenier Motor, Hotshot FMIC Kit, Gauges.

Omar's P10, Header, CAI, Powder coated Valve Cover.

Dustin May, "ladies man from TN" - JDM DE

Korey Benton - JDM DE

David Wilson a.k.a. FPR - GTIR Motor, custom IC Piping, Gauges, JGY Fuel Rail, & horrible 50lb 4 Bar Fuel system.

Bluebird Motor with T28 Turbo Kit

Eric S's GTIR Install, custom piping and exhaust.

can't remember

"Matt from Roanoke, he deals" - Clutch Install

Shaun's Car - Everything you can imagine

DET Motor with hood scoop, only top mount JGY has ever installed.

Ground control suspension, Car Alarm, Gauges, Headlights.

Bluebird Motor, custom Intercooler Kit

Adrin Martinuez had his 2000 G20 at our shop to have an Intake spacer installed and a complete brake job.

Richard Carper - JGY built motor, CP pistons, all new bearings, new SR harness, ready for tearing up the streets of Roanoke.

Robert Barnes - 92 Se-r with a JGY Avinier, JGY intercooler kit, JGY built tranny, Greddy Gauges, and new wheels and tires from JGY

Jeff Gromest - OH: S14 motor installed into 98 240SX, new bearings, rings, gasket, mucho Greddy stuff.

Jason Stump Va, SR20DET swap, basic swap, nices power increase over stock KA.

Korry Gold TN SOHC 240sx intake manifold, custom maf & adapter plate

Matt Spires SC Avinier motor swap, Greddy E-Manage Ultimate, GT2871R, JGY 6 puck clutch & 8.5lb flywheel, JGY fuel rail, ect.

David Bennett VA Silvia swap, GT2871R, JWT ecu, JGY fuel rail, JGY 10.5lb flywheel & 4 puck clutch, JDM VLSD, B&M shifter, Koyo rad., ect

Kevin Hoover S13 SR King George VA

Josh Dierauer 95 S14 is ready to terrorize Charlottesville VA.

Sebastian Cruz 95 Turbo'd Integra had some custom wastegate & manifold work done. (Yeah yeah we know.)

David T. Sil80 had the bottom end rebuilt & the Front Whiteline sway bar installed

Cory Short got permission from his wife to have this motor built for him. CP Pistons, Eagle Rods, Cometic gasket, JGY torque plate bored, JGY head service, S4 cams with JGY modified lifters, Forge Pulleys, ready for some serious power

Jim Miller's B14! Jim bought the motor and most of the accessories about 3 years ago. He enjoyed it for quite some time and drove it until it needed a rebuild. Now Jim is sporting a full JGY build on his GTi-r, 87mm CP Pistons, JGY Bore job with torque plate, Eagle rods, JGY head job, JGY shim service, Cometic head gasket, ARP mains, Forge lightweight pulleys, JGY fuel rail and 72lb injectors, JWT ecu RE-tune, Transmission shot peening and cryo treating, Full paint job/body work. The car looks awesome, the motor is ready for 500HP, and all is great.

Jeff Proctor's 2001 B15 with JGY GT28RS turbo kit. This car is one quick ride, and it's an automatic! JGY intercooler kit modified to fit transmission. Utilizing Greddy Emanage, 50lb injectors, and running 1bar of boost. Runs extremely well and quick making Jeff, one "FSTPAPI"

Brandon's S14.5 with S13 Motor and Greddy everything, aka "The Kool-Aid Car"

Rick Fogarty's NX2000, with bluebird motor swap, JGY clutch, JGY intercooler kit, Greddy gauges, JGY exhaust, JGY fuel rail, pre-printed JGY excuses for use with wife for all the times that the ladies are waiving at him in this ride.

John Shoaf's car turned out quite nicely while staying relatively simple and inexpensive. S13 with S13, Greddy exhaust and Greddy VSPL. John and his father are nice guys with extensive phone skills. A career of a phone-stock-broker may be in the future for John.

Eric's 240sx with black top. Blitz intercooler, Greddy pulleys, catch can, BOV, HKS Hi Power catback, Greddy A/F gauge, boost gauge and fuel pressure.

Hector's 91 S13, We installed his engine with a slew of bolt-on, and some new springs. Hector says he loves the car. I don't blame him.

The "Cream Dream". SR Swap, FMIC, Gauges, Downpipe, The Works.

Casey's GTi-R, JGYBB37, custom front mount and piping

Justin's VVL and 5 Speed Swap

Believe it or not, Mike never drove this car before we put a motor swap in it, so his perception of stock 240's is completely warped.

Jordan - Where's 3rd? JDM DE Install

Dip Dog King - SR Swap, Auto to Manual Swap, JGY BB37 Turbo Kit, FMIC, Gauges

Ivan's Auto to Manual SR
Ivan's car was recently stolen; it's a 1989 Black Hatch. If you see someone driving this car other than Ivan rip their head off.

Bacari's s13 hicas..keeping it bone stock

Mike lam's b14 1.6 to 2.0 Avenier.

Travis' s13, later added fmic, then drifted into a brick wall.

Tom Ward, close talker - Transmission Work, 5th Gear replacement

Marco Maestro first PAR install for JGY

Joel's GTIR Swap, custom FMIC kit, Great Guy but very short.

Bluebird Motor with FMAX turbo kit

Friend's Car, KA Custom Turbo Kit, Drinks a lot of Pepsi.