JGY version 3 intercooler 18inch core X 3inch, 8/2.5 inch tall, 3inch in & out, holds 750HP, polished, 4 mounting tabs for reversible mounting - $239

S14 Hot Pipe kit - $35

Greddy VSPL Front Mount Intercooler Kit with Piping - We almost always have these in stock. This is probably the best buy for an intercooler for HP of 450 or less.
Almost all of our installs use this - $call

On the top is the RSPL, Blitz LM and HKS Core, the bottom is the VSPL. The VSPL will not support quite as much HP as the others, as there are fewer fins internally to cool the charge air, but there is less pressure drop.

Greddy RSPL S13 Intercooler Kit - This core is better then the VSPL and the piping is polished. Above is a pic of the internal fins - $call

Blitz LM front mount intercooler kit - $849

Forge Evo Intercooler Core - Want to save some loot and make your own pipes? Going to turbo that ka24 and need a good core? This is a big one - $570

Intercooler kit for S13 with SR or KA, JGY Style; includes all 4 ply couplers, clamps, brackets for intercooler mounting and 2 stage hotpipe - $309 (can also be installed into S14 chassis as well)

Aluminum HOTPIPE kit - This pipe is not included with any of the intercooler kits and must be used to connect turbo to intercooler kit. Comes with coupler and clamps - $39, yes, $39

Greddy M-Spec Front Mount Intercooler Kit - This kit would be best for starters. This unit is not a tube type, but a laminated layer type inside the core. The CCP process had been omitted to keep the cost down, however, the end tanks and the pipes have been buffed for that shiny intercooler look. We rate this core for about 340hp -$call In stock

HKS Type S Front Mount Intercooler - Very nice core. More comparable to the GReddy RSPL. HKS Type S - $1,069

HKS Type R
3 row intercooler. Probably the best available - $1,575

Forge 104 Intercooler - Here is another great core for a custom setup - $340

ProRace Intercooler - 31.50L X 10.30H X 3.50D - 750hp - Capable with 2.75 inch inlets/outlets: $360

ProStreet Intercooler - 31.50L X 8.00H X 3.50D - 600hp - Capable with 2.75 inch inlets/outlets: $350