Turbo Kits and Turbo Accessories

KA24DET Turbo T3/T4 Manifold
Drilled and tapped for T3 and T4 turbo setups and Tial style 38mm and PTE 39mm wastegate: $160

KA24E Turbo Manifold, fits all KA24E motors for 240sx and trucks, top mount, T2 flange: $399

Stainless KA24DE Turbo Manifold, T2 flanged - great for GT28RS, GT2871R, GT3076R, etc., put turbo in same spot as the SR20DET so you can use the SR Jpipe and SR downpipe: $189

AEM Water Injection Kit is used to reduce air inlet temperatures and exhaust gas temperatures. Water is injected into the intake by a 150psi pump with jet spray nozzle. This allows the increase in boost pressure without having to run higher-octane fuel. Set the activation boost and your max boost settings. The system will progressively increase the injection percentage until the max boost has been reached: $392

In stock - JGY Steel Braided Oil line kit, totally does away with the factory SR turbo metal line & banjo bolt fittings. This kit will work with bottom & top mount turbo applications: $69

JGY oil line for turbo'd SR's that want an upgrade and the look. This uses -AN swivel fittings, takes the oil from the factory location on the block and goes to the turbo. An in-line restrictor is included in the kit. This is an awesome buy: $69

Tial 38mm wastegate 1 bar spring, includes gaskets for inlet and outlet: $245

Tial 38mm wastegate .6bar spring: $249

Adjustable 90 degree coupler, ideal for RWD SR20DET GT28RS, GT2871R turbos & up, this unit connects the turbo to the hot pipe: $42

240SX 1996-98 KA24DE Greddy Turbo Kit: $3514.95
Cast-iron manifold, e-manage, fuel-rail, 370cc injectors, Airinx filter, & necessary piping hardware