SE-R / G20 / NX Intake

Click here for the JGY B14 Intake

Tomei 300zx MAF Plug adaptor, great for any application running a Z32 MAF - $29

Sikky Thermalnator intake manifold spacer for lowport SR - $49

Sikky Thermalnator intake manifold spacer for highport SR - $49

JGY air filter, $34 includes aluminum MAF adaptor plate for SR/KA/300zx MAFS

Foam filter kit with MAF adapter plate - $99

Little Air Filter: Great for valve cover, Available in blue or yellow - $5

SR DE and DET High Port Intake Manifold Gasket - $15

JWT Pop Charger for Ford Cobra MAF.
List Price - $165; Our Price - $110

B14 Injen Race Cold Air Intake - $245

JGY Pro-Sport FWD manifold. Fits all SR20DE and SR20DET's with high port factory heads

Features include: huge intake collector, extra tapped/threaded ports for vacuum/boost fittings, allocation for factory throttle body, designed to work with factory fuel rail or JGY-fuel rail - $499

*the one pictured is the prototype, all for sale will include fuel rail mounting tabs and be machine semi-polished

With a GT3076 on the factory intake manifold, we could only do 20psi. This manifold let us go to 27psi. Click here for the dyno chart.

Here is our prototype fitted to our drag car. It allows the use of our intercooler kit without any modifications.

JGY Pro-Race FWD Intake $599, 2inch port matched large area runners, designed for big power at higher engine speed with peak torque in mind

boost and vacuum ports are included with the fittings

Custom flange for throttle body included with tapped ports and hardware (can also be made for factory TB) All intakes ship with flanges for top mount JGY rails and factory style rails.