JGYCustoms B15 / SPEC-V

Besides the products listed below, JGY also has done the dirty work via installs and extensive research to enable the newer "Sentra" owners to achieve what the B13 and B14 owners have had access to for years... turbo motors/turbo kits/ and VVL's. Pictured below are 2 important break throughs in B15 technology: VVL install and turbo'd SR with 50lb injectors (on an automatic too!)

The Technology

B15 with VVL

Carl Davis' 2001 B15 with VVL SR20VE install complete with JGY clutch and Greddy MSS. Yes, that's right, we took out the roller rocker SR and installed a superior 11/1 compression ratio VVL motor. Estimated HP is 210 at the crank with this set up. Carl opted for JGY to use the Greddy MSS unit to control the operations of the cam lobe activations (check out our site for the details of this). This car is a daily driver and yes, Carl is actively dating more than one lady.

turbo kit

Jeff Proctor's 2001 B15 with JGY GT28RS turbo kit. This car is one quick ride, and it's an automatic! JGY intercooler kit modified to fit transmission. Utilizing Greddy Emanage, 50lb injectors, and running 1bar of boost. Let's get this straight....a factory Nissan ECU controls this car's functions, yet it is using a turbo, intercooler, over 2 times the factory size injectors, over 15 psi of boost, and is still equipped to pick up the kid from school to drop off with the mommy before heading off to the street meets. We have the Greddy Emanage program saved for our customers that want this set-up. That means our 22 hours of R & D and A/F wide band tuning is available for you with the click of button and no down time. Thanks Jeff for allowing us to use your car as our sample. Runs extremely well and quick making Jeff, one "FSTPAPI"

B15 / Spec-V Products

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Mishimoto Silicone Radiator Hose Kit
Mishimoto 02-06 Nissan Sentra SE-R / SE-R Spec V Black Silicone Radiator Hose Kit: $82

Competition Clutch Stage 2 Se-r Kevlar clutch
Competition Clutch Stage 2 SE-R (QR25DE) CC Kevlar full face street/strip clutch. Great upgrade for stock and bolt-on equipped Sentras, JGY price: $329

QR25DE NPR pistons
QR25DE NPR pistons with rings and wrist pins, OEM size and compression, side coated and top coated for anti wear and heat reduction: $119 for the set of 4

Mishimoto radiator
Mishimoto B15 QR25DE manual tranny radiator, for Se-r and Se-r Spec V, includes Mishimoto radiator cap and their lifetime warranty: $219

JWT now offers ECU reflashes for the QR25DE in model years '02 and '03. They can do a turbo tune for 60lb injectors, stock maf, any compression, any fuel type, and set your rev limiter to what ever you may want. They must know whether you are NATS or non-NATS. Your price from JGY: $500

Spec V shifter
2002 to 2006 Nissan Spec V JGY-Short Shifter This shifter is made from the highest quality aluminum and hardened steel. JGY stepped up to the plate with this one and hit a home run. A premium short shifter engineered for the enthusiast. The JGY-Short Shifter accepts the stock knob and shortens throw up to 40%: $89

carillo rods
Carillo Rods for QR25: $774 a set

CC QR25 6 puck clutch
Competition Clutch QR25 6 puck clutch: $329

CC QR25 4 puck sprung clutch
Competition Clutch QR25 4 puck sprung clutch: $329

2000-2005 Sentra SE, SE-R The ultimate cooling solution Koyo aluminum radiator special features OE specification mounting, hand-crafted heliarc soldering tube & fin ali, mirror finish. List $436 JGY price: $275

JGY LSD for SRs in B15s
JGY LSD for SR motors in B15's. Better performance than viscous style, 100,000 mile warranty: $219

KSport B15 GT Pro coilovers
KSPORT B15 GT PRO Coilovers
Front and Rear; Front spring rate 8/448, Rear spring rate 7/392, Includes Front pillow ball mount and Rear top mount, front and rear inverted tube. Key Features: Designed springs for rally conditions, Extended piston stroke, reinforced internals to withstand extreme track conditions, 36-way adjust. dampening, made with 6061 aluminum with T6 for increase hardness, adjustable compression/rebound. Adjust spring perch for height adjustment, and by adjusting body allowing maximum suspension travel, Pillow ball top mount with adjustable camber, monotube high press. design reduces oil leakage, Electroplated body for protection from corrosion and rust. List is $1610
Sentra B15 Se-r '02-Up: $1245

Nismo springs
NISMO Tuned Springs Strut Combo: $885

spec v crank

02-03 Nissan Altima 2.5/Sentra Spec-V 2.5L DOHC Crank: $209

JWT camshaft
JWT Camshaft Set QR25DE Billet Cams. Good idle and drivability with an 8+HP gain. Uses stock springs at stock rev cut or AQR25-spring spring set if running to 7200RPM: $596

Nismo Spec V cam
NISMO Spec-V Cam: $709

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Energy Suspension B15 SR20DE Motor Mount Inserts
Want to firm up your motor mounts and get rid of excessive movement? Energy Suspension Motor Mount inserts for 2000 to 2001 B15 Nissan Sentras with SR20DE motors, also 2000 to 2006 with the QG18DE motor (red), just $36

shifter cables OEM Nissan
2002 to 2006 Sentra Se-R Spec-V MT shifter cables, OEM Nissan, JGY price: $145

OEM rods
OEM rods, refurbished to OEM size, OEM style bronze bushings installed for floating wrist pins, great option for a rebuild: $39.90 a rod

King QE25DE rod bearings set
King QR25DE rod bearings set, standard size, all bearings: just $39

K1 Technologies rods
K1 Technologies QR25DE rods, H beam design and include ARP 2000 bolts, Rated for power: $399

5 lug spacers
5 Lug spacers: $6 each
¼ inch thick, great

AEM Spec V short ram intake
AEM Spec V Short-Ram Intake. P/N 22-544, includes filter as well, Our price: $182

JGY lightweight pulley
2002 to 2007 Nissan Se-r and Spec V JGY- Lightweight Pulley This pulley is made from the highest quality 6061 Aluminum billet. This JGY Pulley is proven to produce maximum power gains with the performance benefits of weight reduction, that you wouldn’t receive from factory parts. Throttle response, horsepower and torque are all increased with this great product: $99

CC flywheel
Competition Clutch QR25DE flywheel, 15.2lbs, made of 4140 forged steel: $300

B15 coilover Ksport
B15 Coilover KSPORT
Front and Rear, front spring rate 8/448 rear spring rate 7/392. Includes front and rear pillow ball mount and rear top mount. Key Features: 36-way adjustable dampening, made with high quality 6061 aluminum with T6 for increase hardness, Compression/Rebound adjustment, Adjustable spring perch for height adjustment, Pillow Ball Top Mount with adjustable camber, Electroplated body for protection from corrosion and rust, List is $1150
B15 Se-r '02-Up: $900

AEM cold air intake
AEM Cold air intake: $219
AEM short ram: $149

Injen Spec V cold air intake
Injen SPEC-V Cold Air Intake: $249

Tein coilovers
B15 Basic Damper, No shock adjustment, great entry level or budget coilover kit: $839

B15 Super Street - 16 levels of dampening adjustment: $1199

B&M spec v shifter
B&M Racing Products Spec-V Shifter: $129

UR lightweight flywheel
Unorthodox Racing Lightweight aluminum flywheel for 2.5L: $505

B15 mount kit
OEM Nissan B15 mount kit for the SR engine. Comes with all mounts: $289