350Z/G35 Engine Internals

350z and G35 VQ35DE chain kit, OEM Nissan, if your chain rattles, you need this, OEM revised slack guides and brand new chain, makes a difference: $177

VQ35 Stroker cranks from BC different strokes available.(pistons and rods sold separately): $3069

VQ35 Econo rods from BC featuring ARP 2000 fasteners: $604 a set

VQ35 Pro rods from BC featuring ARP custom age 625+ fasteners: $929 a set

CP Pistons for 350Z's and G35's any size, any compression, prices starting at $825, includes pins and rings

We also offer CP Pistons's ceramic top coating that further prevents detonation. Price is normally just around $20 a piston.

350Z Eagle H Beam Rods: $549

JGY VQ35 sleeves. These sleeves are meant to withstand any and all abuse. Larger than your average sleeve and can be bored up to 104mm: $1230 a set