Eagle Stroker Crank for RBs
Eagle Stroker crank for RB's
This is a great upgrade for RB26, RB25, and RB20. (must use rods and pistons designed for RB26 when used in a RB25 or RB20)

Its Billet 4340 steel composition makes it several times stronger than the factory crank, supporting power up to 1500hp. The stroke of this crank is 77.7mm which is larger than all three. (RB26 is 73.7mm, RB25 is 71.7mm, and RB20 is 69.7mm) This stroker crank increases the displacement of the engines up to 2.8L with the proper bore size. Due to the increased water jacket area of the RB20, we suggest not boring bigger than 82mm. The crankshaft mimics the Nissan factory dimensions for all bearings journals: $1799

Nismo/Nissan RB26 N1 crankshaft, fits RB20/25/26, itís the N1 version of the coveted RB26 86mm stroke crank, and yes, it fits all of the RB motors: $770

Brian Crower RB26DETT stroker crank, goes from 73.7mm to 79mm, suggests an 87mm bore. Retail is $4000. Our price: $3599

Brian Crower RB30 stroker crank and rods - Call and order yours today. With the 90mm stroke you can have an RB32... RB32 > 2JZ: $4939.00 for both

ARP RB26 Main Stud Kit: $194

RB25DE(T), and RB20DE(T) ARP Head Studs: $139 - For this price, if you are doing a head gasket or a rebuild, you have to buy them

Tomei reinforced main stud kits for RB's: $579

RB oil squirter: $29 each

CP Pistons for RB20DET (we can get any size and any compression for you)
Pictured here is a set of 77.5mm with 11.5:1 compression with custom valve reliefs
$950 with special pins and locks

RB20DET CP Pistons with
Custom Valve Reliefs: $699

CP Pistons, for the RB20/25/26 (yes, we know they are different) any compression ratio, and displacement
Our Price: $759

We also offer CP Pistons's ceramic top coating that further prevents detonation. Price is normally just around $20 a piston.

RB20-25-26 Nismo main bearings: $57 each

RB20-25-26 Nismo main center bearing: $75

SPOOL Forged H-Beam Connecting Rods for the RB20DE and RB20DET, utilizes ARP studs: just $659 a set

RB26DETT Brian Crower rods: $905

RB25/26 Eagle Connecting Rods: $495