Supertech RB20 exhaust valves
Supertech's RB20 exhaust valves, made of Inconel material and +1mm oversized: $37.11 each

Supertech RB20 intake valves
Supertech's RB20 intake valve, +1mm oversized: $22.50 each

Supertech RB20 valve spring kit
Supertech's RB20 valve spring kit, 70 pounds per spring at 32.8mm with max lift of 14.90mm, comes with retainers and bottom seats: $659

RB25DET and DE clear cam gear timing belt cover for Nissan Skyline
RB25DET and DE Clear Cam Gear Timing Belt Cover for NISSAN Skyline, fits R32 and R33 models, includes gasket: $19.99

Supertech RB26 dual valve spring kit and retainers, 24 valve springs (x2) and retainers, retail is $714.04, JGY price: $599

Supertech RB26 exhaust valve guides: $81.32 (set of 12)

Supertech RB26 intake valve guides: $81.32 (set of 12)

Supertech RB26 exhaust valve guide seal: $11.76 (set of 12)

Supertech RB26 intake valve guide seal: $8.74 (set of 12)

RB20DET and RB25DET exhaust valve guides: $3.99 each

RB20 and RB25 intake valve guides: $4.50 each

RB20 and RB25 valve guide seal: $29.99 a set

Supertech RB26 +1mm oversize exhaust valves, high temperature Inconel steel: $29 a valve

Supertech RB26 +1mm oversize intake valves: $19.16 a valve

Brian Crower +1mm exhaust valves for RB26: $228

Brian Crower RB26DETT exhaust valve kit, .5mm bigger than stock: $215

Brian Crower +1mm oversize intake valves for RB26: $228

Brian Crower RB26DETT intake valve kit, 35.65mm, .5mm bigger than stock: $215

Brian Crower RB26 spring and retainer kit: $345

Greddy RB26DETT valve springs, 320.00 retail;
Our Price: $call

Brian Crower Billet Keepers/Locks, fits BC2230 retainers: $129

Tomei Solid lifter kit for RB26: $520.00

RB timing tensioner: $45.00

NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
NGK Iridium Spark plugs, cold range "7"
Ideal for those pushing higher horsepower than stock. As you know, Iridiums last longer and provide a more controlled, better spark. Most Nissan motors used "5" range for N/A and "6" range for turbo. Those turboing an N/A, these are ideal for your higher compression ratio with turbo. Those with a factory turbo'd Nissan motor, these are ideal for higher boosted applications - $7.99 each

Greddy RB26 intake plenum for RB26DETT
For R32, R33, and R34 motors, allows you to keep your 6 individual throttle bodies, but corrects the leaning out issue on the last 2 banks that happens on the RB motors with the factory intake, also a great aid in getting bigger power, includes upper and lower plenum parts, gaskets, and Greddy logo plaque, retail is $1095, JGY price: $799

ARP RB26DETT head stud kit: $324

ARP RB25 head studs: $139
ARP RB20 head studs: $139

Greddy head stud kit for RB26, retail is 480.00;
Our Price: $call

Brian Crower RB26 Stage 2 Cams, 264 duration, 10.16mm lift, both: $718 a set

Tomei RB25 254 Poncams
Factory is 240, these are 254 and are the biggest you can do that just drop in: $546 a set

RB25/26 Tomei Cams: $259 each
Available in 272, 270, and 260 degree options.

RB20 Tomei Cams: $259 each
Available in 260 degree duration and 270 degree with 8.8 lift.

RB20/25/26 Tomei Gears: $108 each

RB20/25/26 adjustable cam gears. At this price, why wouldn't you want a set of these: $36.00 each

Greddy Easy Camshaft kit for RB26 with 264 and 9.1 intake and exhaust, $820 retail; Our Price: $call

Greddy Cam Sprockets for RB26, retail is 149.00 each; Our Price: $call

custom head gasket
Need a custom sized head gasket for your car/motor? We can get any size with any thickness for you from Cometic. 88mm bore and 1.5mm thick? No problem. 92mm bore and .9mm thick? Yes, so please call to order

Below are two examples:
MLS 92mm .045in thick gasket
Copper 90mm 1.2mm thick gasket
custom head gaskets

Cometic headgasket for the RB26 available in many sizes. Custom sizes available as well: Starting at $147

Cometic RB20/25/26 lower gasket kit: $41.99

Cometic RB25 87mm 1.29mm thickness headgasket, list is $157.45. 87mm bore, 1.29mm thick
Our Price: $137 - In Stock

Tomei RB26 Headgasket Combo Kit: 87 mm bore, 1.2mm thick headgasket with other gaskets - throttle body gaskets, exhaust gaskets, orifice restrictor: $265

RB25 gasket kit: $145

RB26 upper gasket kit
Includes intake and exhaust valve covers and valve guide seals, awesome value: $130

Greddy 1mm, 88mm head gasket RB25DET 13521341, list is 28,000yen: $call

RB20DE (T) head gasket, 80mm bore, 1mm thickness, JGY price: $152