SE-R / G20 / NX Exhaust Manifold

T3 4 bolt discharge Cometic turbo gasket - $4.99

Cometic metal T2 4 bolt exhaust gasket - $9.99

Cometic metal Sr exhaust manifold gasket - $29

JGY FWD log manifold... These manifolds are custom made in house and are set up with a T3 flange and a Tial 38mm wastegate or any other size with that flange. Pictured is a Precision 6262 with no clearance issues - $399

Cometic metal 5 bolt exhaust gasket - $11.99

JGY by ARP exhaust manifold studs: Features more thread to go into the block and a thinner washer to allow a more low profile design - $13.13 each

JGY Manifold - Puts turbo in stock location for GTI-R's, larger flow for better top end performance when compared to the stock GTI-R - $259

Polished heat shield for JGY Manifold - $29

SR DE and DET exhaust manifold to head gasket - $15

GTI-r Manifold - $306
J Pipe for GTI-R's - $100