SE-R / G20 / NX Turbo Kits

OEM Nissan O2 sensor with extended harness
OEM Nissan O2 sensor with extended harness all factory
Great for those installing turbo kits and SR20DET motors into their cars. Allows you to your factory O2 harness and have the O2 sensor where it is supposed to be, in the turbo Jpipe near the A/C compressor, this factory Nissan O2 sensor has a long enough harness to allow you to run it without splicing and lengthening any wires - $209

JGY SR top mount turbo manifold
JGY SR top mount turbo manifold; fits every T3/T4 imaginable; clears hood, radiator and motor; set up for Tial 38mm and Precision 39mm wastegates: $399

upper downpipe
Upper downpipe for above turbo manifold; set up for above wastegate and fits any of JGY's existing Gti-R downpipes, meaning if you had our bottom mount kit in the past and upgrade to this, you re-use your same downpipe: $249

pieces shown together
All pieces above shown together - shown with a Precision 6262

installed pieces
installed pieces
Above pieces shown installed

Prosport manual boost controller
Prosport manual boost controller. Easy to adjust with markings to help remember settings - $42.00

AEM water injection kit
AEM Water Injection Kit is used to reduce air inlet temperatures and exhaust gas temperatures. Water is injected into the intake by a 150psi pump with jet spray nozzle. This allows the increase in boost pressure without having to run higher-octane fuel. Set the activation boost and your max boost settings. The system will progressively increase the injection percentage until the max boost has been reached. - $392.00

JGY-GT28RS Turbo Kit - $3,200
includes: (all pieces new)

- GT28RS Turbo
- JGY Manifold
- 4 50lb Injectors
- JGY Fuel Rail
- Injectors Connectors
- 2.5 inch Downpipe
- JGY Intercooler Kit
- 300Z MAF
- J pipe
- lines/fittings/actuator bracket/actuator

This is a complete bolt on turbo kit. The ONLY thing else needed is a tuned ECU for the kit to be ready for your Nissan FWD SR car providing you with up to 340HP.

We also can custom make this kit to work with the JGYBB37R or JGYBB37 and other injectors. Please inquire.

HKS actuator
HKS actuator upgrade for T25 Bluebird and Avenier. This actuator is set to around 12-14 psi and is adjustable for a little more - $139

JGY Manifold - Puts turbo in stock location for GTI-R's, larger flow for better top end performance when compared to the stock GTi-R - $259

heat shield
Polished heat shield for JGY Manifold - $29

GTiR manifold
GTi-R Manifold - $306
J Pipe for GTI-R's - $100

T25 Turbo Kit -
Includes T25 Turbo, Manifold, Downpipe, 370cc injectors, intake pipe, complete intercooler kit with intercooler, downpipe, all hoses, fittings, and couplers for oil and water lines, should make about 205HP - $1,830
Timeslip - This was performed with this turbo kit and drag slicks
Dyno Chart - Same turbo setup on a '93 SE-R

T28 Turbo Kit -
Includes T28 Turbo, GTi-R Manifold, Downpipe, 444cc injectors, intake pipe, complete intercooler kit with intercooler, downpipe, all hoses, fittings, and couplers for oil and water lines, should make about 240HP - $2,380

JGY DET linekit
For all those SR20DET owners needing new replacement turbo lines, JGY-DET-linekit for $109, steel braided AN lines for water and oil, includes all needed crush washers

heat shield
In stock JGY turbo heat shield, great for FWD Nissans, like Sentra's, G20, any SR powered car with a GT style turbo, reflects heat from turbo away from fans and radiator (photo to the right shows heat shield installed) - $35

JGY steel braided turbo oil line kit
In stock JGY Steel Braided Turbo Oil line kit, totally does away with the factory SR metal line and banjo bolt fittings. This kit will work with bottom and top mount turbo applications - $69

Precision 39mm wastegate kit
Precision 39mm wastegate kit. Comes with all flanges and an assortment of springs for varying PSI - $215

Precision 46mm wastegate kit
Precision 46mm wastegate kit. Everything that you will need to do the job. Includes flanges and different springs so that you can change PSI. Only $318

Tial 38mm wastegate
Tial 38mm wastegate 1 bar spring, includes gaskets for inlet and outlet - $245

Tial 38mm wastegate
Tial 38mm wastegate .6bar spring - $249

JGY actuator bracket
JGY Actuator Bracket - for use with internal gated turbos, such as JGYBB37R's HKS2538's and Garrett GT28's - $60

Garrett fully adjustable actuator
Garrett Fully Adjustable Actuator - fits the JGY Bracket and is a must when installing a GT28R all the way up to a GT3076 on any FWD SR motor - $69

JGY Turbo Oil Restrictor - .063 for non ball bearing, .041 for ball bearing, this is for Garrett center sections traditionally, if you have a T3/T4 style, then it is different, also the restrictor is made to work with hose connections for the oil in - $21

Turbo line kits - for installing T25's and T28's on non-turbo motors, includes oil in, oil out, water in, water out, all fittings, hoses, and clamps needed - $65

Steel braided oil feed line
Steel Braided oil feed line for T25, and GT Garrett turbos on to SR20DE motors with inline restrictor - $79

JGY oil line
JGY oil line for turbo'd SR's that want an upgrade and the look. This uses -AN swivel fittings, takes the oil from the factory location on the block and goes to the turbo. An in-line restrictor IS included in the kit. This is an awesome buy at $69

5 Bolt T2 outlet flange for custom J-pipe - $50
T2 5 bolt outlet flange - $17
T2 discharge flange - $29.99
T3 5 bolt discharge flange - $33.49