PT 5830
Precision Turbo 5830: $1479
with T25 flange, .64 A/R

PT 5431
Precision Entry Level 5431: $699

Godspeed's GT45, great for up to 700HP, T4 divided inlet, Vband discharge, 4inch air inlet, 2.5inch outlet, 360 degree thrust bearing, anti-surge cover: $350

55-57 PT
55-57 Precision Turbo with a Billet compressor wheel. Rated at 535hp. Your price $810. We also have the, T3 Billet 5857E, T3 Billet 5857S, T3 Billet 5857SP, T3 Billet 6057S, T3 Billet 6057SP, T3 Billet 6062S, T3 6062SP, T3 Billet 6262S, T3 Billet 6262SP, T3 Billet 6265S and T3 Billet 6265SP. Prices starting at: $810

JGYBB37/GT2871R - TO4B
BB37 dyno
JGYBB37/GT2871R - TO4B Compressor housing with 56 trim GT35 compressor wheel. 44lbs/min air flow. .86 AR T2 exhaust housing with 76 trim GT25 turbine wheel. Good for 400+HP and bolts on to SR20DET manifolds and downpipes. Internal Wastegate. This turbo is almost identical to the gt2871R, but we use a To4B cover with a 2.75" inlet instead of the 3" inlet on the gt2871R. This allows the intake to fit the turbo without the block squishing the coupler: $1199

GT2871R .64 or .86 A/R Dual Ball Bearing, Rated 440HP - Comes with Wastegate Actuator: $1110

GT28R Dual Ball Bearing T28, Rated 310HP - Comes with Wastegate Actuator: $739

T3/T4 turbos
T3/T4 Turbos - 360 degree bearing, Stage III and V turbine wheels available, many trims available, AR of .48 or .63. These are not your cheapo T3/T4's: $725

T3 style turbo
T3 Style Turbo - (GT32) with GT Technology wheels and bearings (non ball bearing). GT Technology means more efficient wheel designs for better spool up and power than typical T3/T4 Turbos, .63 AR Exhaust, TO4E Compressor Housing, 48lbs/min, 480HP: $650

Same as above but 53lbs/min and 530HP: $650

GT Technology Ball Bearing GT30 - TO4E Compressor Housing, 60lb/min, Available in only .48 AR Exhaust, Good for 550HP, Dual Ball Bearing: $1099

Garrett Turbo GTX3076R
Garrett GTX3076R Generation 2, internally gated and T2 flanged with .86 or .64. Both are 64 pounds per minute, this is basically a billet compressor wheel revised derivative of the JGYBB37R that changed how people perceived what a T2 flange turbo can do: $1799

Garrett GTX2976R
This is a complete replacement/upgrade turbo with both covers, just: $1579

Garrett GTX2867R turbo, with exhaust back half, just: $1529

PT turbos in T2 flange
Precision Turbos are offered in T2 flange now click here to see

JGYBB37R/GT3076R - TO4B Compressor housing with 56 trim T04S compressor wheel. 55lbs/min air flow. .86 AR T2 exhaust housing with 84 trim GT30 turbine wheel. Good for 500+HP and bolts on to SR20DET manifolds and downpipes. Internal Wastegate: $1199

JGY Steel Braided Oil Line Kit
NEW & in stock JGY Steel Braided Oil line kit, totally does away with the factory turbo SR metal line & banjo bolt fittings. This kit will work with bottom & top mount turbo applications: $69

lines, actuator, brackets, etc.
Don't want to do any of the hard work yourself? Lines, actuator, bracket, turbo, fittings, it's all here: $1595 or $1695 depending on turbo choice.

Disco Potato
GT28RS aka Disco Potato - good quick spooler, capable of 340ish HP. Direct bolt on to SR20DET: $999