SE-R / G20 / NX Engine Bolt-ons and Under Hood Parts

B13/B14 Prothane Replacement Motor Mounts
'91-'99 Nissan Sentra Prothane All 4 Replacement Motor Mounts (these fit all B13 and B14 cars with either the GA16DE or the SR20DE) not for any G20's, shown in red, can be ordered in black: $79.99

Mishimoto Oil Catch Can
Great for boosted and N/A applications, universal fitment: $99

FWD SR20DE and DET front cover with oil seal: $49

NEW SR B13/14/15 Oil Pumps: $199

ATI Super Damper is designed exclusively for high RPM high performance engines. The ATI Damper will eliminate the harmful crankshaft vibrations which could lead to oil pump failure, timing belt failure, and bearing failure, thus prolonging the engine life. ATI Dampers are actually two dampers in one. There is an inner and outer damper bolted to a replaceable crank hub. Less vibration equals more power and torque at high rpm. - SR20 - FWD: $469

JGY SE-R motor mount kit, all new, passenger, driver's side, rear, and JGY front mount: $339

Circuit Sport Solid PU (Polyurethane) Engine and Transmission Mount Kit for '99+ Infiniti G20 / Nissan Primera: $349

These are designed and manufactured as a direct replacement of those worn and torn mounts. No need to waste valuable time to dismount and press in rubber inserts. These new mounts are rated at 75A hardness for greater comfort and longer durability. At the same time, improves and transfers useable power to your vehicle. This upgrade can be completed under 40mins. Retail is $449

Note: Transmission Mount is only available for '99+ Model, not suitable for vehicle production before July '99

JGY front mount - SE-R, fits 91 to 98 SE-R's with SR20 or GA16, solid mount: $40

Notice the gap between the DET and the cross member? That's right. When using our front mount, rarely do you need to waste the time that others do grinding the oil pan to make the turbo motor fit. Our mount was designed with the DET guys in mind.

Greddy Catch Can: $85

FWD and AWD DET oil pans straight from Nissan: $79

FWD SR20DE oil pan, metal, OEM Nissan, for 1991 to 1998 SR motors
FWD SR20DE oil pan, metal, OEM Nissan, for 1991 to 1998 SR motors
FWD SR20DE oil pan, metal, OEM Nissan, for 1991 to 1998 SR motors
Your old pan dented, rusty, or leaking? Here's your replacement (does not fit roller rocker SR's): $158

Greddy Universal Oil Filter Relocation Kit
Tired of trying to get your hands on your filter? Put it where you can get to it. Also has multiple fittings for turbo lines, oil coolers, oil gauges, etc.
We stock 2 different versions to fit most and all Nissans and Toyotas: $213

Magnetic Oil Drain for Nissans: $12

We have found that many of our customers are spending time adjusting their base timing only to have all their effort to be a waste. The factory pulley is actually a 2 piece design. Over the years, the rubber type material used to hold the 2 pieces together fails. Please take notice below.

This is an older SR pulley that is correct...notice that the keyway points at about 17BtdC.

This is an older SR pulley that is not correct...notice that the keyway points at about negative 2BtdC. On both pulleys, we marked 15BtdC with a white mark.

The final pulley is our pulley which is a one piece design (excluding the center shank) where the mark is on the correct spot. As your SR gets older, it's more and more important that you replace your crank pulley.

JGY Pulley kit for SR20DE(T), SR20VE, SR16VE - $199.99
Reduces parasitic losses by driving accessories and lowering the weight. You will see a true 7-10HP from idle to redline. This is a great upgrade for NA and Turbo Applications, power gains will be similar for both. The crank pulley has a steel shank insert to insure a good oil seal and allow it to be torqued to factory specs. The crank pulley is factory size to allow ease is matching up timing marks which is a problem for SR's with aftermarket SMALLER crank pulley. For many of your racers, this is a big advantage, especially the Time Attack crowd. Valid timing marks at -5, 0, 5, 10, 15, and 20 are on all cranks. This is THE best pulley kit on the market for the FWD SR (may appear slightly different than photo)
(does not fit Gti-r front cover)

NEW SE-R Water Pumps: $89

SR Throttle pulley, light weight, billet, and because of the ratio, allows faster throttle response and the ability to get full throttle without pushing the pedal all the way down: $35

Greddy oil filter relocation kit for sr20 motors. This kit allows you to relocate the factory oil filter for easy maintenance with a trick look. Billet adapters allow for easy installation of gauge sensors, such as oil pressure and oil temperature: $129