What Customers are Saying

"Hi, everything arrived fast and it’s exactly what I wanted! I will put the part on my truck and keep you posted. I'm very happy with my purchase! Thank you for your help and quick answers."
– Alain G. from Dingli, Malta

"Just wanted to say thanks for the quality work on the gtir’s head... the car has been running flawless. "
– Sal R. from Warrenton, VA

"Thanks for your quick replies, yalls customer service is absolutely top notch!"
– Luke B., North Carolina

"Hey guys. I'm the guy that ordered the RB20 fuel rail with the factory fpr delete. I just wanna say thank you guys so much for being great on the phone and very informative. thumbs up "
– Daniel E. from Fort Leavenworth Kansas

"I just want to let you know that I got my package today from my post office and its all in perfect condition. I want to thank you so much for everything and will be doing business again soon. I will definitely order the higher revving spring kit, solid lifters and rockers stoppers from you in the near future... Have a wonderful day further and thanks again for all you’ve done for me."
– Michan Lindeque from South Africa

"Morning Guys. I'm so glad to hear the box was finished and that my package is on the way. Thank you so much for the stickers and drink cozy you included. I'm really glad I found you guys and will definitely order from JGY again. Thanks to ... the JGY Customs team for all the support. Have a lovely day and keep well."
– Michan, South Africa

"...thanks again man for the amazing job done on my car. It is absolutely smooth as glass driving and the power is soooo much better. My bottom end has increased like crazy and the top end is great, too and between 5k to 7500 rpm, the car absolutely screams in power and sound. I couldn't be happier and look forward to doing more business with JGY."
– Nick Williams from Midway WV, 2008 350z

"JGY is my one stop shop for all my parts and service. Not only are they very knowledgeable about their parts, but because they actually install and tune, they know what works and what you need. They are nothing like your big box store, they are very personable, and still treat the customer on a personal level, which is refreshing in this day and age of automation. JGY gets 5 stars from me."
– Bill Pusey, San Antonio, Texas

"I received my turbo kit Friday and waiting on my turbo! I just want to tell you guys great service and probably the fastest shipping I have ever had!!! I was talking to a buddy of mine and we are talking about making a trip down to your shop for install and tune on the dyno!"
– Gavin Mizelle from Winterville, NC

"I received and installed my HID bulbs today and they look fantastic!! Just wanted to take the time personally to thank y'all I will most definitely continue doing business with y'all!! Not only was your staff knowledgeable, but your prices are the truth!! I am wanting to go forced induction on my VQ35DE in the near future and because of this experience I'm definitely going with JGY!!!"
– Jared Crawford from Dallas, TX

"Hi mate, Oil Pump for my RB25DET turned up yesterday. Just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU for your service and was pleasure doing business, I have no problems in referring your work and business to others. Thank you again"
– Paul Stewart from Australia

"Hey guys, just wanted to thank you for all your help with parts and everything else. It's alive!!!!!! Thanks again"
– Miguel Blanco from Montesa, CA

"I have a '93 Se-R rockin' a stainless header bought from you guys. I've been super impressed with you guys to date and have always appreciated (your) willingness to answer questions. You guys have a great thing going out there!"
– Zach Jovanovich from Enumclaw, WA

"The way back home was great and the only time I have given in (to speed). The gauges were good, no lights flashing, shifting had improved, and I could tell it was not running rich anymore!"
– Ron Grimes from TN, 2012 Supercharged 370z, dyno tuned to 457HP and 336tq at JGY

"Got my cams. Thanks so much. My brother liked his shirt."
– Donald Frady from Blanch, North Carolina

"...I'd recommend to my current friends looking for parts to contact JGY. Good products, good shipping time."
– A. Filho from Fall River, Massachusetts

"First of all I would like to thank you a lot for the professional job. I really like it, looks great, I will assemble it and fix it this week and I will update you soon."
– Shakeeb from Manama, Bahrain....the guy with the 8sec 1/4 350z (we built a solid deck, JGY sleeved VQ35DE)

"The 1st shipment is here! I have raped and pillaged the cardboard and wrapping at knifepoint (it loved it) and everything inside looks good...... I'd just like to say thanks for the time and effort when packaging the items as everything inside really held up well. Hayden"
– Hayden Thew; Australia

"Another more than satisfied customer. Like I said before I will only be doing business with your establishment. Once again Andrew "the man", provided me not only great parts but great information about the parts that I wanted. The gt2871r. 86, ksports, JGY rail, 72lb injec, walbro, JWT ecu, and the profec b (from JGY) combo yielded the power gains and handling I was looking for!! Also I bought another motor I stepped it up and got a Gti-R vs. another Avenir... happy with both motors (also from JGY). Can't wait to dyno and fine tune. Thanks once again to "the man" and the "SR/RB doctor. Grinning from ear to ear, John"
– John-from Alaska

"Hey JGY, I just wanted to commend you on how quick you shipped me my friction type lsd. I really appreciate this as I am under very tight time restraints to put my car back together for a rally in February 2012. Thanks again."
– Nick Martinez from Miami Florida

"I just received my pulley set and first let me say that they look amazing."
– Shawn M

"I've been building my 200SX for 5 years now and JGY has been instrumental in accomplishing my build! Their products and services stand out from others in the business. The superior knowledge and expertise of the staff is second to none!! On one occasion after losing a front bracket, I asked if they had one laying around. A week later, it shows up and it's a brand new unit, not a junkyard part!!! Not only that, but they are APO friendly, which is a big help!! Thank you JGY for your service and assistance with the sanctuary that is my car!"
– SGT Matthew W

"I am writing you to thank you for the great quality of work you and Josh had performed to my sentra. The car is reliable, powerful, and clean! What I asked for is what I received when the vehicle was complete. I finally had the chance to bring my sentra to the track. Besides the car getting so much attention it ran a consistent 12.8 at 113 M.P.H. (Low Boost). The final run at the track I ran a 11.6 at 119 M.P.H. (High Boost). I had no issues what so ever and ran strong every time. Besides the car running great it also handle’s and brake’s like a dream! My car literally feels as if you can fly along every turn without any stress in steering what so ever. I would hope that future tuners shop around and notice that the only way to go is using JGY for parts and builds. My car is living proof of what dreams can really be made of. Jason you are a true Pioneer to this world of tuners and you understand my idea’s, concepts, and dreams! I thank you and Josh once again and hope to use you in the near future."
– Nelson G

"To the boys at JGY, nothing but great parts and excellent service I received from your business! A big thanks to Andrew and Josh for taking good care of my needs, for sure I'll be a long time and returning customer for all my Nissan needs. "
– John-from Alaska