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rb26dett motor
RB26DETT motor $3999, new price, same great motors!

96 se-r sr20de
1996 Se-r SR20DE: $400

89 240 ka24e
'89 240 KA24E: $450

89 240 ka24e - needs water pump
'89 240 KA24E. Needs water pump: $400

VQ30DET $2300.00, Yes, you read that right, a factory turbo'd VQ motor. Includes harness, ECU, and MAF. 270HP and 271 ft/lbs of torque out of a Nissan Y33 Cedric. Throttle by cable, not by wire. Direct drop-in into a 350Z or G35. Turn up the boost = 350HP.

VG30DETT $2000.00, This is out of a '95 Nissan 300zx Twin Turbo, motor is in great shape and ready for a new home.

vk56de Nissan Titan motor
vk56de Nissan Titan motor
Nissan VK56DE Titan motor, 5.6L, 30,073 miles, excellent shape, complete motor with harness - no tranny, came out of a totaled Nissan Titan: $2000

s14 ka24de
S14 KA24DE motor and manual transmission: $1999

s13 redtop sr20det motor set
S13 redtop SR20DET motor set includes motor, transmission, harness, ecu, ignitor chip, maf. these are kept in stock in our Virginia based shop: $2700

s13 blacktop sr20det motor set
S13 blacktop SR20DET motor set includes motor, transmission, harness, ecu, ignitor chip, maf. these are kept in stock in our shop: $2800

s14 sr20det motor set
S14 SR20DET motor set includes motor, transmission, harness, ecu, ignitor chip and maf: $2900

s14 sr20de motor, transmission harness and ecu
S14 SR20DE motor, transmission harness and ecu RWD - $1500

rb20det motors
RB20DET motors, includes transmission, harness, ecu, maf included. - $1500

rb25det motor set
RB25DET motor set, in stock - $2900

RB25 motors in stock - full motor, no harness, no transmission - $1400

ca18det motor set
CA18DET motor set (RWD), includes harness, transmission, ecu, maf, ignitor - $1500

CA18DET motor/ transmission (FWD) - $1500

sr20de s13 motor set
SR20DE S13 motor set, RWD. - $1100

sr20ve vvl motors
SR20VE VVL motors $900 and only one at that price, normally they are $1500 so get it while it's hot

rb26dett motor
RB26DETT motor $3999

VQ35DE: $1500
Fits 350Z and G35 • 2003 to 2006 • 42,000 miles

sr20de's available
We have several different SR20DE's available. They come and go. The prices vary based on condition and year. This one pictured here is $600 and is in great shape. Sometimes, we have '95 styles for less, sometimes more. Call us to inquire.

gti-r motors for sale
We have 4-5 GTi-R motors for sale, ranging from $500 to $1300. They vary in what is included and what needs work. Contact us to inquire.

VG30DE motor and transmission set for $1000.00. You will receive everything on the skid with it. ECU, mechanical fan you name it. This is a perfect engine for some one looking to build one of these for a 300zx or even a J30.

avinier complete motors
Avinier complete motors for $1000, yes, you read that right... we have received a shipment of motors that we are letting go for just $1000 each, Silver valve cover SR20DET motor including 370cc injectors, turbo, jpipe, turbo manifold, most have power steering and alternators as well. We have just 5 left. And yes, the motors run!

sr18de motor
SR18DE motor, 140HP stock, $600, Factory 82mm bore & more aggressive cams than the SR20DE motor!

SR20DE FWD roller rocker, JDM, but designed like a 2000 Sentra motor, superior internal head design, less friction $715

sr16ve motors
SR16VE motors, Nissan's response to Honduh's Vtec, 11/1 compression motor, 176HP stock, $1500

gti-r sr20det
gti-r sr20det
GTiR SR20DET. 8.3/1 Compression, 440cc injectors, large top mount intercooler: $1799

u12 bluebird sr20det
U12 Bluebird SR20DET motor with top mount intercooler. (top mount not recommended to be used): $1500

u13 bluebird sr20det
U13 Bluebird SR20DET motor. Newer motor then U12, but no top mount intercooler. Always in our warehouse: $1500

avinier sr20det
Avinier SR20DET. Either silver or black valve cover - $1500

primera euro sr20de high port
Primera Euro SR20DE high port. Rare red valve cover sr20de. 10:1 compression - $980
Awesome motor, super rare...just one left

jdm sr20de
JDM SR20DE very similar, but with silver valve cover - $699

p11 primera euro sr20de low port
P11 primera Euro SR20DE low port. Rare red valve cover sr20de. 10:1 compression, has EGR - $779