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"Built by JGY"
Looking for more power than 350HP on your SR, RB, or VQ and want it to be reliable? All our motor build ups are done in house and overseen by Jason. Over-attention to detail is used in all assemblies and measuring. We will completely tear down your motor, bore it, do a 3 angle valve job, replace seals/guides, install pistons/sleeves/rods, measure/order/install all bearings, install aftermarket parts/cams/intakes/turbo, and then ship the completed motor to you ready to drop into your vehicle.

SR20 heads are one of the industries tightest tolerance heads made. The shims that ride on the valve tips come in thicknesses that vary in ".001. That means that the acceptable range is just ".0005. This is important once you realize that the cam pushes on the rocker arm and the arm pushes on 2 valves. If the valves are at different heights, then the rocker is at an angle, which wears on the cam/ruins it/causes extra friction. We are able to take it one step further and give you a shim height that is just ".0002 or less. Typical price is about $100 labor. When you ship your head, please include all your shims and guides.

With in-house sticker production, we can make almost any sticker you want. If you want stickers for your ride, we'll make them for $10 each.

JGYCustoms offers in-house powder coating. Any Color (chrome available also). We can do wheels up 17" $40ea, intercooler piping $100, valve covers $40, transmission cases $75, call for other items. Scratches and dents cost extra for repair.

This coating adds a nice, textured look.

JGYCustoms can take care of your engine build-up. We have one of the only torque plates for the SR20 in the nation and can assemble your block for your project. Using a torque plate during engine boring prevents the block from twisting and becoming untrue. You will realize better head gasket sealing and less wear. When every detail matters JGYCustoms has a solution.

SR20 Boring using Torque Plate - $350

SR20 Boring with Sleeves using Torque Plate - $630

(Bored out with JGY sleeves to 89mm)

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