JGY Stuff

We are always coming out with newly designed stickers, so make sure to tell your sales rep to include some in your shipment - most are free

JGY license plate frames
support JGY as we continue to bring you great service at a competitive price!! Available in black frame with white lettering or white frame with blue lettering only $5

Want to represent the organization that brought you the products, service, install that you wanted or want? The chromed JGY emblem does that very well for $7 each. Weather proof, and ready to install, with a size of about 1.2inches by 3 inches, you can't go wrong. Yes, for those of you interested...they are usable as "pasties."

The 10 inch wide JGY banner decal is available for $3.

Front Design

Back Design

T-shirt, please specify size, XXL, XL, L, M, Blue & Black, all - $9

Our 5 inch JGY Customs window decals are $2... a small price to pay for all the attention you'll get from the ladies with this on your car.

JGY 4" x 38" windshield banner - white, cut out, letters $15